Usher Board Leadership

Sis. Gina Gonzeles 

Sis. Gina was born May 25th in Joliet, IL. In October of 2000, Sis. Gina came to Tucson, AZ for a summer job, where she would eventally meant our First Lady (Sis. Linda Grigsby). In 2002, Sis. Gina started to come to Apostalic Morning Light Church, and on November 3rd, 2002 she offically became a member of the Church. Sis. Gina was baptized in the name of "Jesus" on November 17th 2002, and was lead to her position as Usherboard President through Pastor Willie James Grigsby's direction. Sis. Gina says that she is a "Door keeper of God's House. I am honored to be considered worthy enough for such an important postion." Sis. Gina is aways looking for future growth in the Usherboard, and is faithful to follow God's direction of the Program.

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